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Aug. 1-4, 2019

Purchase tickets and learn about GLFF 2019

Great Lakes Flow Festival

Great Lakes Flow Festival (GLFF) is a four-day flow arts gathering at Salt River Acres in Shepherd, Michigan. GLFF (pronounced glyph) is centered on learning, practicing, and teaching flow arts. GLFF is a Leave It Better Than You Found It, volunteer-driven, all-ages camping event with featured instructors conducting a variety of prop and non-prop workshops.

Later in the evenings, our national and local instructors will showcase their talents in two showcases- one fire, one non-fire. This will be followed by a fire circle with live music that will be open to all festival participants to practice their flow arts in a safe, supportive, and secure environment.


Tickets for Great Lakes Flow Festival will be available in several tiers, each with a limited number of tickets and slightly more expensive than the last. Once tickets sell out within a tier, the price automatically moves up to the next tier. Buy early to get the best deal!


  • February 14: Early bird tickets - $100

  • March 1: Tier 1 tickets - $140

  • April 1:  Tier 2 tickets - $155

  • May 1: Tier 3 tickets - $170

  • After July 29: Gate tickets - $185


Children of all ages and their families are welcome. There is no ticket charge for children 12 and under with the purchase of an adult ticket. Minors must be supervised at all times.


Please bring a valid photo ID and proof of ticket purchase (digital or paper) for check-in at the front gate upon arrival. All will be required to sign a waiver of liability for themselves and their minor children at the gate.


The gate will be open at the following times:


  • Thursday, August 1: 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm

  • Friday, August 2: 9:00 am until 10:00 pm

  • Saturday, August 3: 10:00 am until 6:00 pm

Volunteer Tickets

A limited number of volunteer tickets are available:


  • Volunteer tickets: On sale March 1 for $130

  • First Aid Volunteers: FREE


The purchase of a volunteer ticket requires a minimum of 8 hours volunteered on-site at GLFF. Make sure you sign in at the beginning of your shift and sign out at the end to guarantee your hours are counted! Once you have completed our hour you will receive a $40 refund bring your ticket price down to $90.

First Aid volunteer shifts will be divided into 2 four-hour intervals with at least one late evening/early morning shift. Proof of current First Aid/CPR certification required, Certified First Responder preferred. To submit interest in being a First Aid volunteer, submit the application found on our "Get Involved" page.

What To Expect

Participants should pack enough food, clothing, and water (if you don’t want to fill your canteens from the water spigots) for four days in the woods. GLFF will feature both food and merchandise vending, but it is best to plan for the unexpected.


GLFF is a Leave It Better Than You Found It event. It is important to 1) pack out your rubbish, and 2) help each other take care of this beautiful land! One garbage bag and one recycling bag will be provided per car during check-in at the front gate. Please look for ways to reduce the amount of garbage you are producing. (Tip: Bring reusable utensils when buying food from vendors!)  We also believe that anything that is not organic to the preexisting ecosystem is contrary to our Leave It Better Than You Found It mentality. Please take your compost home and don’t dump things into the woods.


GLFF observes a pet-free policy and will turn away individuals at check-in who arrive with furry friends in tow. 


To protect against further spread of the Emerald Ash Borer, as well as other forest pests such as Oak Wilt and Beech Bark disease, it is forbidden to bring firewood into the campground. 


Expect to have cell phone service, though (depending on your provider), it may be spotty in certain areas. It will also be helpful to download a copy of the map and schedule to your cell phone (coming soon)!

Gate And Parking

The gate will be open at the following times:


  • Thursday, August 1: 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm

  • Friday, August 2: 9:00 am until 10:00 pm

  • Saturday, August 3: 10:00 am until 6:00 pm



There will be plenty of room for tent camping at GLFF in designated areas. These areas, much like the parking zones, will have posted signs to guide you.


The fire circle will be clearly marked as well as a fuel depot. Spinning fire in an undesignated area and rogue fuel dumps are not allowed due to safety concerns, as well as the heavily wooded nature of the property. Please bring a can of fuel (white gas or lamp oil) to the fuel depot for donation to the fire circle. Your flowmies will appreciate it! If you require a specialized type of fuel (such as for fire breathing and eating), please bring enough to supply yourself for the weekend in a container labeled with the fuel type and your name. Use extreme caution when storing fuel, including storing it away from fire pits, high traffic areas, and out of reach of children. For more information about fire safety at GLFF, please visit

Please know that there are showers so you can bring your toiletries! Other items you may need throughout the weekend are:


  • Your identification and proof of ticket purchase (Tip: Download it to your cell phone!)

  • Prescription medications

  • Toiletries: Such as one-ply toilet paper, shower towels, personal hygiene items

  • Extra clothing: Prepare for all kinds of weather. It is Michigan, after all!

  • Fire and LED props, fuel, anything you might want or need for spinning (Tip: Refer to our fire safety guidelines for proper fuel usage and storage.)

  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, over-the-counter skin cleanser, such as Tecnu, if you are allergic to poison ivy. (Tip: To avoid contact with poison ivy, stay on the paths!)

  • Camping gear: Tent with rain fly, tarp, rope, sleeping bag and an extra blanket, mattress pad, extra tent stakes, headlamp or flashlight

  • Small first aid kit, over-the-counter meds

  • Hammock(s): There are TONS of shaded spots perfect for hammocks

  • Kitchen gear: camp stove, reusable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils

  • Enough food and water for four days of camping (Don’t forget the snacks!)

And, of course, the most important part of this guide is to remind you to be safe, have fun, and enjoy the inaugural Great Lakes Flow Festival. See you in the mitten!

We encourage persons with disabilities to participate in GLFF. If you anticipate needing any type of accommodation or have questions about the physical access provided, please call (734) 238-3976 in advance of the festival.

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